Our Community

Community means a lot to Fresh Mask!
Not only that we would like to serve European clients who are into Korean cosmetics and skincare, we would also like to connect with and support initiatives that promote, celebrate cultures from Korea, or from Asia in broader sense.
Are you a local business in Switzerland that is associated with Korean art, culture, cuisine and more? Don't hesitate to reach out because let's support each other!


What is K-Pop ?

K-pop is pop music originating in South Korea. The songs include the best from different music styles such as RnB, HipHop and Rap.

K-pop is known for their fancy music videos filled with amazing dance choreographies. 

The K-Pop Dance Academy.li

We love and live K-pop! We all share the passion for dancing and the joy it gives us. Emerged in the K-pop culture we are standing different groups and learn their choreographies.

Come and dance with us!

Visit us  www.kpop-dance-academy.li. Follow K-Pop Dance Academy on Instagram!